About H. T. Peiris & Company

H. T. Peiris & Company is a leading Chartered Accountancy firm in Sri Lanka with over 75 years experience in the fields of Accounting, Auditing, Finance, Management Consultancy and Secretarial practice.

The company is a completely local accounting firm with its experience in professional services ranging from the pre-war era to the present. The firm also does not collaborate with any foreign firm or partner, thereby ensuring that all requirements of Sri Lankan business firms are met, with a focus on always providing services according to the local business culture. This theory allows the company to be more practical than theoretical in its approach to offering solutions.

The secret for the long term survival of the firm has always been its ability to maintain continuous customer loyalty. Some of the key factors for this success are:

  • The ability to develop and adopt value added services to suit the needs of the diverse market and industry.

  • Providing quality services at affordable prices.

  • Respecting and protecting confidential information for all services which are offered to clients.